High quality Brand New W701 W701DS 20V 8.5A 170W 42T5284 AC Power Adapter Charger on sale at a great price with 1 Year Warranty. 100% Compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad X60S X60 X60T X61. 

LENOVO W701 W701DS 20V 8.5A 170W 42T5284 AC Power Adapter Charger

lenovo W701 adapter
AC Input:AC100-240V (worldwide use)
DC Output: DC20V 8.5A 170W
Adapter Fit Models: Adapter for Lenovo ThinkPad X60S X60 X60T X61
Adapter Part Numbers:

What is the use of a lenovo W701 laptop adapter?
In order to charge your laptop's battery, you require direct current or DC. However, all plug points will supply alternating current or AC instead.

The function of the laptop adapter is to convert this readily available AC to DC in order to charge your laptop's battery.

The internal components of this adapter (or 'brick') consist of several power electronics including rectifiers, regulators and filters and also a transformer, in order to carry out AC-DC conversion. This transformer is fairly heavy and accounts for most of the weight of the adapter.

As a result of this design, you can use the same laptop adapter in any country (regardless of the type of AC used)  and still charge your laptop without any issues, since the adapter SHOULD convert an AC signal of any voltage and frequency (within reason) to output the required DC.

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NL:Lader voor lenovo W701 - Laptop-oplader voor lenovo
JP:lenovo W701
DE:W701 W701DS 20V 8.5A 170W 42T5284 NOTEBOOK-Netzteil. Das richtige LENOVO Laptop adapter finden. 
NZ:lenovo W701 AC adapter NZ. Replacement for Acer,Apple, Compaq,Dell, FUJITSU, IBM,Lenovo,Sony and so on.
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